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Daily Eagle mastheadWed, Dec 19, 2018 — 8:18 am

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Academic Regalia for Major College Events

The Barnes & Noble College Bookstore has made arrangements for faculty to rent or purchase academic regalia for our major College events.

Many of our major College tradition ceremonies are coming up, and academic regalia is required in order to process in any of these ceremonies.

The appropriate cap, gown and hood, according to degree and institution, will be available at the following prices:

Master’s Degree, complete (cap, gown, tassel, hood): $69.98, rental, $74.98 purchase

Master’s hood only: $35.98 rental, $36.98 purchase

Doctoral Degree, complete (cap, gown, tassel, hood): $79.98 rental, $94.98 purchase

Doctoral Hood only: $39.98 rental, $46.98 purchase

Orders must be placed by March 22, 2018 for spring events, with a return date of May 14, 2018 (after Commencement).

To rent regalia for our fall ceremony, Academic Convocation, orders must be placed by July 27, 2018.

Place orders at the Barnes & Noble College Bookstore in Seymour College Union, or by calling Bill Kerr in the Bookstore at 395-2357.

All orders require payment at the time of purchase. Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Easy Money, and cash are accepted.

contact: Assistant Bookstore Manager Bill Kerr, or 395-2357
submitted: Thu, Feb 8, 2018 by kbodine
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