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Daily Eagle mastheadSun, Dec 16, 2018 — 4:38 pm

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Notable African scholar & literary figure

Michael Dei Anang of Ghana, and early chair of the African American Studies department,

Michael Dei Anang, Stylus, 1971.

Today's African American Studies department arose in the protest era of the late 1960s. The Black Student Liberation Front, predecessor of today's OSAD, was instrumental in achieving the establishment of the department. While there were a number of notable faculty in those early years, for example Ena Farley and Felix Okoye, today we are recognizing another outstanding figure, that of Michael Dei Anang.

A native of Ghana, he was a a scholar, poet, playwright and political figure. We have books of his still in Drake Library. He was at Brockport from 1971-1978, when he passed away.

In a 1971 interview in the Stylus, he made some profound observations, including noting that "The foundations upon which men build their past is the basis of their future." He also observed that "We in Africa have something the Western world cannot ignore, and that is human spirit."

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