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Prepare for the Jobs & Internships Fair at Career Fair Warm-Up on 3/1!

A student's first career fair can be a bit intimidating! At Career Fair Warm-Up, they can learn how to talk to employers, what to wear, what an "Elevator Pitch" is, and more — all over FREE hot chocolate and brownies!

Career Fair Warm-Up

Thursday, March 1, 2018

4 - 6 pm

Seymour College Union Ballroom

Find out what to expect and learn tips that will help you stand out at this year’s Jobs & Internships Fair! The Career Fair Warm-Up will feature four stations where you’ll be able to…

+ Create and practice your Introduction or "Elevator Pitch"

+ Get your resume reviewed by Professional Recruiters

+ Get Advice on a Career-Fair Ready Outfit

+ Practice making connections with employers in a no-pressure environment

You’ll also be able to take a break from the cold and enjoy a free hot chocolate bar! No prior registration is required, but remember to bring a copy of your resume for it to be reviewed!

Please share this event with students you interact with by sharing the attached flyers.

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