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Daily Eagle mastheadThu, Jan 24, 2019 — 1:41 am

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A call for volunteers for the annual Trash-to-Treasure

We need you to make this event a success! Last year, we collected 17,621 items. We are looking for volunteers for two areas: donation collectors and donation sorters. Every item collected is donated to one of more than 30 local non-profit organizations.

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The annual Trash-to-Treasure initiative will be taking place May 1 through May 25 on our College campus. It is a collaboration between the Office of Community Development, Facilities & Planning, and Residential Life. It is an opportunity for our students to donate their unwanted used and new clothing, household items, food, and toiletries before leaving campus for the summer months. Every item that is collected is donated to local non-profit organizations and agencies.

With that being said, WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS EVENT A SUCCESS! There are two areas for which we are looking for volunteers. The first is in collecting all the items from the residence halls. This is our "move-out" process. The second area for which volunteers are needed is in sorting the donations once they have been collected. This will be done in the Cooper Hall gymnasium. Volunteers will need to set up the donations like a department store, so that the organizations/agencies can come and "shop" for free.

Sign up to volunteer for as many shifts as you can in the links below. And check out our website below to see the other ways to get involved with this project.

contact: Nikole Van Wie at or 395-5896
submitted: Tue, Mar 27, 2018 by nvanwie
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