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Webinar on Handling Threats and Other Disturbing Behaviors On Campus, June 12, NEW Location: Thompson Smart Classroom

The webinar is appropriate for professionals from public safety, student affairs, counseling / EAP, human resources, emergency management, and risk management; administrators; and interested faculty and staff.

Tuesday, June 12

2-3 pm

Smart Classroom, Thompson Hall

Open to the campus community

This webinar will review the components and procedures of behavioral threat assessment, which is recognized as current best practice to prevent violence on campus. It will be led by Marisa Randazzo, a national expert on threat assessment and targeted violence and former chief research psychologist for the US Secret Service.

Dr. Randazzo will:

Provide a checklist of best-practice components in threat assessment, including: a) Discuss how to evaluate current threat assessment programs or add threat assessment capabilities to a behavioral intervention team or CARE team, b) Establish screening questions to know when it is important to use threat assessment, and c) Provide tips on conducting threat assessments in the shadow of high-profile mass shootings.

contact: Karen Logsdon, or 395-5042
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