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Daily Eagle mastheadSat, Dec 15, 2018 — 11:08 pm

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Brockport's other archives

A gem from a private archive of College materials.

Blanche Southcombe March in 1929

The archivist recently visited with Jeanette Banker '53, who is both an alum and an emerita (Campus School and Education). She has been a wonderful advocate of the College for many years, and her long association with the school has allowed her to build quite an archives of her own. She gave some things today to be added to our archival collections, great materials, including the speech attached here which we had not seen before.

The materials mostly related to her friend Blanche Southcombe March. Blanche was a 1929 graduate of the old Normal School. She was one of those folks in the early 20th century who went to the Brockport high school when it was housed within our campus school, or "training school," as it was called then. Afterwards she continued on at Brockport for her Normal School education to become a teacher.

Her father was a farmer on Redman Rd., and after finishing Brockport she was a teacher in the Hilton schools for many years. Like Jeanette Banker, she was a generous and active supporter of this school, and in 1993 she was recognized at a banquet in her honor, which is where she gave the speech attached.

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