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Reactivation of Direct Deposit for Employees Not Paid Over the Summer

If you are an employee who is not on the payroll during the summer, your direct deposit will not be active when you return in the fall. A form is available to reactivate a direct deposit record that is already on file.

Due to security reasons, direct deposits on file are cancelled automatically if employment is terminated for more than three pay periods.

If your bank information has not changed, you may complete the Direct Deposit Reactivation form (link below) to re-enroll.

Please note that any change in banking information will require completion of a new Direct Deposit form (link below), which must include verification from your bank.

Completed forms can be faxed to the Payroll Office at 395-5275.

Student Assistants and Work-study students are not terminated for the summer, so their direct deposit is not affected.

Student employees who have more than one job on campus may use the reactivation form to request direct deposit for each job.

contact: Benefits and Payroll Office, 395-2126; fax: 395-5275
submitted: Fri, Aug 24, 2018 by dlooney
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