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Updated Library Information Literacy Services for Fall

The library has updated some of our information literacy services for this fall. Learn about some of these updated services coordinated by the new Information Literacy Team.

The library has updated some of our information literacy services for this fall.

Some of the updated services coordinated by our new Information Literacy Team:

- Request a face-to-face class session with a teaching librarian

- Request information literacy support for online classes

- Walk-up Ask-a-Librarian support at Drake Memorial Library and Brockport Downtown

Request a face-to-face class session, or online learning support from a teaching librarian: visit our redesigned page, Faculty & Staff Support: Instruction for Classes. There, you can read about our updated guidelines for information literacy support.

We have updated walk-up Ask-a-Librarian services to include Brockport Downtown, as well as Drake Library.

As always, you and your students can visit Ask a Librarian to get remote, real-time librarian support throughout the week, year ‘round. Reach us via live-chat, phone, or email.

Individual research appointments are available, by appointment. We can meet by phone/online, or in person at Drake Library or Brockport Downtown.

If you have questions, please contact the Information Literacy Team via

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