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Department of Public Administration: Recent Faculty Publications

Recent Research Publications of Shihyun Noh and Keith Baker

Shihyun Noh, Department of Public Administration, has several accomplishments:

*Noh, Shihyun, and Catherine H. Brown. 2018. Factors Associated with the Number of Substance Abuse Nonprofits in the US States: Focusing on Medicaid Expansion, Certificate of Need, and Ownership. Nonprofit Policy Forum, Vol. 9 No. 2.

*Noh, Shihyun, and Christian L. Janousek. 2018. Institutional Design of the ACA Health Insurance Exchanges: Factors Affecting Policy Implementation in State Administration. The Journal of Health and Human Services Administration, Vol. 41 No. 2.

Keith Baker, Department of Public Administration, has several accomplishments:

Application for a grant (With C. Stout at Oregon State) submitted to Russell Sage Foundation

Articles published:

*Taj, A. and Baker, K. (2018) ‘Multi-Level Governance and Local Government Reform in Pakistan’ Progress in Development Studies. 18(4): 267- 281 DOI:

*Stout, C. and Baker, K. (2018) ‘The Impact of Accusations of Racial Prejudice on Racial Attitudes: A Survey Experiment.’ Social Science Quarterly.

Articles accepted:

Burkhardt, B. and Baker, K. (2018). ‘Agency Correlates of Police Militarization: The Case of MRAPs.’ Police Quarterly.

contact: Mary Derleth,, 395-2985
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