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Daily Eagle mastheadWed, Jan 16, 2019 — 10:57 am

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Sociology students, a recent alumna, and faculty presented at the New York State Sociological Association conference

Sociology majors Paul Roger '19 and Alysha Rios '20; recent alumna Kalani Morris '18; and faculty members Paul Durlak, Kyle Green, and Amy Guptill presented at the annual NYSSA conference Oct 12 and 13 at Nazareth College.

Students, a recent alumna, and three faculty members recently presented at the annual meeting of the New York State Sociological Association held at Nazareth College, October 12 and 13, 2019.

Student Paul Roger '19 presented his sole-authored paper "The Hyper-Criminalization of Space: An Investigation of 'Drug Free Zone' Laws Using GIS." Paul is mentored by Drs. Amy Guptill and Elliot Weininger.

Paul Roger '19, Alysha Rios '20, and Kalani Morris '18 presented their work, co-authored with student Deanna Hutchison '19 and alumnus Fred Brown '18, entitled "Intersectional Identity and Academic Engagement: A Focus-Group Study." They conducted the study as students enrolled in SOC 414 Advanced Research Methods in spring 2018, taught by Dr. Amy Guptill.

Additionally, three sociology faculty presented papers at the conference:

Instructor Dr. Paul Durlak presented "Law and the De/Medicalization of Disability."

Assistant Professor Dr. Kyle Green presented on new work examining the potential of the NBA as a progressive space, given that sport-spaces are considered "apolitical" and 'sacred" in American Society.

Associate Professor Dr. Amy Guptill presented "The Ketchup Trail in Northwest New York in the Early 20th Century."

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