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Women and Gender Studies (WMS) Students Attend/Present with Dr. Barb LeSavoy, Dr. Milo Obourn, and Dr. Bek Orr at the National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Conference, Atlanta, GA

Four WMS students attended/presented with Dr. Barb LeSavoy, WMS Chair, at the NWSA Conference, "Just Imagine: Feminist Visions of Freedom, Dreammaking, and the Radical Politics of Furtures" 11/8-11/11.

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Angelica Whitehorne Poster Presenter

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Angelica Whitehorne and Jenna Bygall pictured withNWSA Keynote Alice Walker

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Students Arriving in Atlanta, GA

Dr. Barb LeSavoy, presented a paper, “Busting Out and Pushing Back: Recentering the Center of Sex and Gender Pedagogy.” WMS students Mackenize April, Jenna Bygall, Allie Knapp, and Angelica Whitehorne presented with Dr. LeSavoy. As part of the same panel, Dr. Milo Obourn, WMS and ENG, presented “Racialized Disgender: Caring about the Body Beyond the Binary.” Angelica Whitehorne also presented a poster, “Through the Lens of Feminist Revolution.” Dr. Bek Orr, WMS and SOC, presented a paper, “Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered: Responding to Gendered Violence with the Creation of Digital Feminist Communities.”

In addition to presenting with the students, Dr. LeSavoy co-led two pre-conference program administrator's roundtables: "Meaningful Assessment in WGST” and “The Decision to Departmentalize.”

BSG student travel grants helped support student travel and conference attendance.

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