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Counselor Education: Student Profiles

Cassie Fleck



Cassie agreed to be interviewed about her experience in the Counselor Education program:

 What brought you to the field of counseling?

Cassie knew she wanted to be a school counselor since she was a freshman in high school. The school counselor at her school was “awful.” There was an emphasis on course selection as opposed to counseling and concern for emotional development. In fact, one of Cassie’s friends wanted to go to a specific prestigious school; the counselor told her friend “You’re not going to get in there.” Well, her friend did get in after all. Cassie sees many draws to school counseling, having the opportunity to empower students and make positive changes in lives is an important aspect.

 What are your specific areas of interest?

Cassie plans to bridge to Mental Health and the issues she is passionate about happen to coincide well with counseling. For one, there was a counseling taboo in her family, particularly around getting help and the stigma of suicide. She is interested in suicide prevention and awareness, teen dating violence, and the neurological and emotional effects of PTSD trauma. She is also interested in resiliency, how people bounce back from trauma. She is planning to get here substance abuse certification (CASAC-T).

What projects that you have done?

Cassie is working on bringing an “Out of the Darkness Walk” to Brockport’s campus. The walk aims to raise awareness about suicide and suicide prevention efforts. Brockport’s Prevention and Outreach Services is now a main sponsor. Additionally she is a Research Assistant for a study on critical thinking, deep learning, and online learning. She is the membership co-chair and social media chair for Nu Chapter, volunteers for a Rochester City School District reading program, and is very involved with ACA-NY (New York’s branch of the American Counseling Association).

 What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Cassie plans to counsel in a school initially and then get a license in Mental Health counseling. Cassie plans to graduate in December 2015.

 What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Share something personal about you that makes you who you are!

Cassie enjoys reading, ever since she could pick up a book. Even 15 minutes of reading can be relaxing. She also enjoys running and kayaking. Cassie finds the support from her husband, as well as students and faculty in the program.

Cassie had a hard time sharing during the Self & Society course. Still, “the fact that it terrified me made me realize I had to do it.”


Last Updated 1/6/14