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Brockport Student Health Insurance

International Students: Please click this link for information on the International Student Insurance Plan, which is described on the Office of Student Accounts web page.

The College at Brockport

2013/2014 Student Health Insurance with UnitedHealthcare

Plan Highlights

  All full-time (≥12 credits) undergraduate and graduate students

are required to have health insurance.

The full brochure is online at

  • Annual Premium - $1,976 effective August 14, 2013 to August 13, 2014
  • Spring Semester - $1,173 effective January 15, 2014 to August 13, 2014
    • Annual and spring semester premiums both include a $35 administrative fee
  • All full-time undergraduate and graduate students will be automatically charged on their bill
  • Students covered by a personal or family plan can waive the insurance charge off their bill at prior to September 24, 2013 for Fall Semester and February 24, 2014 for NEW Spring 2014 Semester students ONLY     
  • Waiver process should be completed each year before classes begin

Online Insurance Waiver Process:

  •  have insurance card and school ID (Banner #) ready
  •   go to
    • Under the Enrollment column, click Waive Online
    • Enter your Banner ID as the Student ID information
    • Enter your birth date as the Password format YYYYMMDD
  • Waive the insurance fee by completing the waiver form and submitting your insurance information

 For additional information or assistance, please contact the Academic HealthPlans Customer Service at (817) 479-2100

  This insurance can also be purchased by:

  • Part-time students enrolled for 6 or more credit hours (6-11 credits)
  • Eligible spouse / domestic partner / children of students enrolled in the plan must be purchased directly.
  • Go to, click
    •   Voluntary/Part-time Student Enrollment Form
    •  Dependent Enrollment Form


For additional information or assistance:

Contact Sue Hawkes, Health Insurance Coordinator,
or leave a message at (585) 395-2631

Last Updated 7/8/13


at the Health Center.
(Limited Availability)