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Many faculty still like to use course packs for a variety of reasons. However, unless the material you included is:

  • The faculty member's own work to which he/she retains copyright;
  • Open source material, and identified as such within the course pack
  • Material not under copyright, such as:
    • Items published before 1923 and in the public domain
    • U.S. government publications

you must obtain permission to use each item (journal article or part thereof, book chapter, images, charts, tables, etc.). Drake Library does not offer this service for you, nor can you generally use library funds designated to purchase materials for your department.

Attached to this page is a document provided to us by a lawyer who works with libraries and copyright, which spells out in more detail the limitations you face putting together a course pack, and the copyright protections behind those limitations.

Copyright & Course Packs

Last Updated 8/31/17

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