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Balabolka is useful for file management, allowing you to split and convert documents. It also has a timer that allows for reminders.

GhostReader: For Mac Users

GhostReader has automatic language detection so you can effortlessly listen to multilingual texts and documents.

Moon & Reader Pro: For Android Users

Moon & Reader Pro is optimal for nighttime reading with brightness adjustments and recognizes 40 languages.

Natural Reader

Natural Reader allows for text-to-audio files for personal use and works with multiple formats.


Panopreter includes text-to-speech for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word. The toolbars read the text on the webpage and Word document aloud.

TextAloud: For iPhone and iPad Users

TextAloud has Auto-Lock While Speaking, which lets you keep your display turned on while speaking is in progress.

Voice Dream: For iPhone and iPad Users

Voice Dream is accessible with Bookshare, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, and more.

Text-to-Speech Guide

For PDFs

After opening document in Adobe Reader, click View -> Read Out Loud -> Activate Read Out Loud
Click View -> Read Out Loud -> Read This Page Only or Read to End of Document
User will be able to click “Stop” or “Pause” as they desire.

For Microsoft Word

  1. Next to the Quick Access Toolbar (next to Floppy Disc Save Button on Top Left), click “Customize Quick Access Toolbar.”
  2. Click “More Commands.”
  3. In the “Choose Commands From” list, select “All Commands.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Speak” command, select it, and then click “Add.”
  5. Click “OK.”

When you want to use text-to-speech command, click the icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.
After you have added the “Speak” command to your Quick Access Tool, you can hear single words or blocks of text spoken by highlighting the text you want to hear, and then clicking the “Speak” command.

Last Updated 3/21/19

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