Responsibilities of a Student With a Disability

A student is responsible for declaring his/her disability to The College at Brockport in order to be eligible for accommodation and services.

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A student declares his/her disability to the College by providing OSD with current (within three to five years) written documentation of disability by a recognized authority. A recognized authority may include a psychologist, psychiatrist, physician or state agency (i.e., Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped).

Types of documentation OSD typically requires:

  • Neuropsychological evaluation
  • Psychoeducational evaluation
  • Audiogram
  • Registration with the Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
  • Physician's diagnosis with description of the condition, measures used to arrive at diagnosis, how the condition affects you, and side effects of prescribed medication. This information should be on letterhead, dated and signed.

Documentation will remain confidential unless OSD is provided with the student's written authorization to release information. Once the documentation of a disability has been filed, the documentation will be reviewed and an evaluation will be conducted by the Coordinator of OSD. If the documentation is complete, the student will be notified and invited to schedule an intake appointment.

It is important to understand that no service or accommodations can be provided for any student who refuses to provide documentation or does not notify OSD. Furthermore, it is the student's responsibility to inform faculty about his/her disability at the beginning of each semester. (Note: Faculty are responsible for providing accommodations only from the time at which they become informed.)

Last Updated 8/28/17

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