Group Exercise Class Descriptions

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This Les Mills barbell class will tone, sculpt, and strengthen your entire body as you lift and curl to today's hottest hits. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Say goodbye to the treadmill! Get your sweat on with this High Intensity Interval class that's a cross between cardio and strength training. With a mixture of body weight exercises and dumbells, this class can be modified to suit any fitness level.


This indoor biking class will deliver a fun and challenging cardiovascular workout as you cycle and sweat to exhilarating tunes. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Zumba is a dance-fitness class inspired by Latin American rhythms and dance steps. The energetic and fun atmosphere of this class will make you forget you're working out! Suitable for all fitness levels.

Zumba Glutes

Zumba Glutes is a take on the traditional Zumba class that incorporates movements specifically designed to tone and sculpt your butt muscles as you dance your way to increased physical fitness. Suitable for all fitness and skill levels!

Zumba Burst

Zumba Burst is a variation of the traditional Zumba class that utilizes some elements of interval training into choreographed dance movements to maximize your calorie burn in minimal time. Suitable for all fitness levels!


PiYo combines the principles Pilates and Yoga to deliver a powerful total body workout designed to sculpt and tone your muscles, increase your flexibility, and challenge your core strength. Get ready to feel energized and powerful!


Pilates is a mind-body fitness class designed to increase your overall strength and flexibility through a series of deliberate movements and transitions which translate to optimum performance in your everyday life.


Release your mind and body as you flow through this relaxing, yet challenging class that turns your focus inward as you practice controlled breathing, meditation, flexibility, and core strength.


This total body-conditioning course utilizes the TRX suspension trainers to deliver an effective body weight workout. TRX training emphasizes full range of motion through each movement and promotes increased development of core strength and mobility. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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