Group Exercise Policies

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  • Participation is at your own risk and is limited to adults 18 years of age or older, or an enrolled College at Brockport student.

  • A valid group exercise class pass is required for all participants other than College at Brockport students. Passes may be purchased at the Membership Services Desk.

  • Participants may reserve their spot in a Group Exercise class up to an hour before the start of the class. Reservations are made in person or by calling the membership services desk.

    • If you do not pre-register you may show up 15 minutes before the class and if there are any empty spots you may be admitted, according to class capacity.

    • Penalties will be given to participants who register for a class and do not show up.

  • Book bags, personal items, coats or sweatshirts must be placed in a cubby located in the Group Exercise Studio.

  • Participants must be on time for class. Due to safety concerns and the importance of warm up, late participants will not be allowed into class.

  • Water bottles are permitted in the Group Exercise Studio. Other beverages and food are not allowed.

  • Appropriate workout apparel and footwear is required at all times. No sandals (open- toed shoes), jeans (denim material) or boots are allowed.

  • Equipment is to be used for its intended purpose, modification is prohibited. Equipment is not to be removed from the Group Exercise Studio.

  • Wipe off equipment and put away neatly in its designated place after use.

  • Please report equipment malfunction or damage to a staff member immediately. Use of broken equipment is strictly prohibited.

  • Cell phones are to be turned off during all Group Exercise classes. If your phone needs to remain on for emergency use, please alert the instructor prior to the start of class.

  • Only activities on the published schedule are permitted in the Group Exercise Studio. Personal instruction or training other than scheduled through Campus Recreation is prohibited.

  • Audio equipment is for instructor use only.

  • The group exercise instructor has the authority to remove any individual from a class who is not abiding by the preceding policies.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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