Democratic Engagement

Voter registration, education and actions are what democratic engagement is all about, not only in the Brockport and Rochester areas, but bringing the knowledge and skills gained to future communities.

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Democratic Engagement Initiatives at Brockport

  • Assist all members of the Brockport community in recognizing their democratic responsibility through Voter Registration.

  • Offer opportunities and programs that deepen awareness and understanding of social and political issues through Voter Education.

  • Engage all members in the democratic process by encouraging and facilitating Political Action.

  • Provide experiences that enhance the skills needed to be effective citizens, including communication, collaboration, critical analysis, and problem solving through Deliberative Dialogues.

Need to Register to Vote or Request an Absentee Ballot?

Printed Version: NYS Voter Registration Form and NYS Absentee Ballot

Simply print the form(s) you need, fill them out and drop them off at Community Development, Seymour College Union 203! We will take care of the rest! This service is available for all Brockport students, faculty and staff. 

Note: If you plan to register in another state, visit the Campus Vote Project, as other states have different processes and may offer online registration.


Community Development hosts a variety of events throughout the year around voter registration and education! Get involved with the Brock the Vote campaign and check out our Citizen B Alliance Events page to find the latest events and activities!

Join our List Serve

Become part of the Citizen B Alliance on myBrockport to receive updates and news about what's happening!

Social Media

For Daily Updates and Citizen B Alerts, be sure to check us out on social media!

We are proud to partner with the following organizations to promote democratic engagement:

America Democracy Project Turbo Vote NASPA Lead Initiative Campus Vote Campus Democracy Challenge

Last Updated 9/30/19

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