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Find out what you should consider when choosing an off-campus rental property.

  • Is the property in a good location?
    • Drive to the rental at peak commute hours to get a feel for what traffic and parking will be like on a daily basis. Is it close enough to Brockport? Is it close to public transport, if you need it?
    • Determine if the rental will provide a reasonable amount of natural sunlight.
    • Be sure the property is in a neighborhood where you would feel comfortable walking home in the dark.
  • Can you afford the property?
    • Ask what you will pay per month in rent and how much is required for the security deposit.
    • Ask the landlord if the lease allows for rent increases if real estate taxes are raised or if sewer or water rates increase.
    • Calculate how housing will figure into your budget and cost of attendance at Brockport.
    • Find out if there are extra charges for a late payment on rent.
  • What services will the landlord provide?
    • Find out if there are extra charges for utilities, storage space, and parking spaces.
    • Determine if the property has a resident manager, if maintenance hours for services are restricted, and how emergency services will be handled.
    • Find out how trash is disposed of and if the trash facilities are easily accessible.
    • Ask the landlord if laundry services are available on the property. There should be one a washer and dryer for every 10 residents.
    • Ask if the landlord provides other services, such as landscaping, window cleaning, or additional storage.
    • Find out how deliveries are handled.

Note: If you have pets, check to see if they are allowed.

  • Is the property clean and in good working order?
    • Watch for any signs of insects, rodents, rust, mildew, smoke or water damage.
    • Note the cleanliness of the property's lobby, hallways, bathroom, kitchen, walls, ceiling and floors.
    • Be sure that all electrical outlets, phone jacks, plumbing fixtures, appliances, exhaust fans, windows and heating and cooling systems are conveniently located, in good condition and functioning properly.
    • Determine if and where there is a fuse box on the property. You might need to re-set the fuses if the electricity goes out.
  • Is the property secured and safe?
    • Check for available safety features, such as:
      • An entry door with deadbolt, security chain, and peephole
      • A well-lit exterior and entry way
      • A secure/ lobby entrance
      • Fire exits, fire alarm, and security system

Last Updated 8/15/18

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