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Dear Commuter/Off-Campus Students:

At the College at Brockport, providing support and services to our commuter/off-campus student population is a responsibility of the Office of Campus Life. Through our off-campus student service initiatives we work to:

  • Offer programs, services, and solutions that help students remain connected to our community.
  • Provide programs and services to educate students about their own tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Develop initiatives, programs, and committees that promote off-campus student safety, citizenship, and educational and community resources
  • Promote positive student interactions with the entire campus community

On campus our office is not alone when it comes to providing assistance to those students who live off-campus, the Brockport Student Government, BASC (Brockport Auxiliary Service Corporation), and Parking, to name a few, work to provide information, resources, advice, and assistance specific to those students as well. Together, our hope is to help commuting students remain connected and engaged in our campus community.

Getting involved in campus life by joining a student club or organization, attending lectures and special programs, participating in athletics or intramurals, and working on campus are some great ways to enhance your out-of-classroom experience and improve your overall college commitment. Be sure to check out all that the College has to offer!

Please feel free to contact my office regarding any questions or suggestions you might have by emailing or stopping by our office in room B105 of the Seymour College Union. Go Golden Eagles!


Karen Podsiadly

Director, Community Development

Last Updated 8/15/18

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