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Facilities for Commuter Students

The College at Brockport offers a lounge, lockers, and computer lab designated specifically for students that commute to campus. These facilities are secured through a card swiping feature to ensure that the space is available at all times to our commuter students and not filled with students who live on campus. In order to gain access to the lounge, please visit room 227 of the Student Union

Commuter Lounge

Located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, the Commuter Lounge is equipped with couches and chairs for you to relax, study, or socialize with friends. The lounge also features a pool table for all students to use while relaxing in between classes.

Many of our commuters have created their own community at Brockport, using the commuter lounge as their hub where they play games and participate in other activities together.


Located next to the Commuter Student Lounge on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, lockers are available for any student free of charge. You must complete a Locker Reservation Form each academic year in order to utilize a locker. Please drop off your forms to the Office of Campus Life room 227 in the Seymour College Union to receive approval to use a locker.

Please note: You must supply your own lock.

Computer Lab

Also located on the lower level of the Seymour College Union, the computer lounge allows you access to the Internet and Microsoft Office programs. The computer lounge can only be accessed by students who have completed an Access Form. Please drop off your forms to the Office of Campus Life, room 227 in the Seymour College Union to receive access to the computer lounge. Make sure to plan ahead, 24 hours is needed to process your request.

Other Facilities

The entire College campus is available for commuter students to use. Whether you are in-between classes, or waiting for a ride, we have plenty of facilties including computer labs, tables with charging stations, benches, and outdoor seating that are available to all students across campus.

Drake Memorial Library

The Drake Memorial Library's lobby provides study tables and casual seating where students may enjoy food and drink while using our free wifi, working individually or in small groups, or browsing through the new books, current newspapers, and periodicals on display. Drake has plenty of computers and Macs available for our students to use for work or leisure in-between classes.

Seymour College Union

When you want to get something to eat, hang out with friends, or check out clubs and organizations, the Seymour College Union is the place to go.

The Union is the home of Brockport Student Government, 89.1 The Point (our College radio station), The Stylus (the student newspaper), the Offices of Campus Life, the Women's Center and more.

There is a Barnes & Noble College Bookstore located on the main level, where students purchase textbooks, Brockport gear and school supplies.

For a quick meal or cup of coffee, visit Union Square Food Court and Jitterbugs Café, which offer a variety of dining options.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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