Learn about your responsibilities as a tenant and the responsibilities of your landlord and any roommate(s).

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Tenant (you)

  • A tenant is responsible for:

    • Paying rent on time
    • Keeping the premises clean and undamaged
    • Disposing of garbage and trash properly (unless the landlord has agreed to do this)
    • Using all electrical, gas, and plumbing fixtures properly and keeping them as clean as their condition permits
    • Keeping any person you've permitted on the premises from willfully damaging the premises or the facilities
    • Using each room only for its intended purpose
    • Informing the landlord of all roommate changes

  • To make sure your experience as a tenant is as enjoyable as possible:

    • Be respectful of your landlord so that conflicts are easily resolved. If you are going to be late paying your rent, contact your landlord, explain the situation, and provide a date when you can pay.
    • Obey the laws of your neighborhood, apartment complex, or homeowner's association.
    • Keep the peace with your neighbors. Excessive noise is a valid reason for eviction.

Your roommate(s)

  • You and your roommate(s) should:

    • Be careful about sharing expenses for things like refrigerators or furniture. (What will happen when one or more roommates move out?)
    • Decide how monthly bills (utilities, rent, etc.) will be divided and who is responsible for making sure the bill is paid. Keep track of who paid deposits for different utilities.
    • Discuss the division of household duties. A cleaning schedule (dividing chores daily or weekly) is an effective way to do this.
    • Talk about groceries and sharing food. Often, roommates will agree that everyone is responsible for their own grocery shopping, and food is generally not shared.
    • Sign a roommate agreement clarifying responsibilities and setting ground rules for your home.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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