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Counseling Center Information


8 AM to 5 PM during the school year
8 AM to 4 PM during school breaks

When the Counseling Center is closed

Call University Police at 395-2222 if you're on campus or 911 if you're off campus or LifeLine 24 hours/day at 275-5151 or 1-800-310-1160 / TDO 275-2700.

How to make an appointment

Appointments can be made by coming to the Center, located in Hazen hall, in person. We will ask you to fill out some paperwork so that you can be matched with the counselor best suited to meet your needs. While faculty and staff members occasionally recommend the Center to students, no referral is necessary. The service sare available to all Brockport students without charge. In a crisis situation, an individual may be seen by the on-call counselor for that day.

How does counseling work

It is common in counseling circles to hear the following theme spoken, "Clients have the answer to their problems inside them; we just have to draw the solutions out and make clients aware of their resources." This is generally true, and ideally, the solutions are just below the surface and waiting to emerge. However, sometimes that knowledge and self-belief are buried very deep and may take some time and effort to mine. In any case, the counselor works with the client to:

  • Clarify what the problem is.
  • Design a plan to resolve the problem.
  • Help the client resolve whatever feelings are blocking the road to solution.

The above process sounds simple and clear, but the road to resolution can be bumpy and fraught with obstacles. You and your counselor form a relationship that will allow you to negotiate whatever barriers get in the way of where you want to go. However simple or complex the counseling process is, it is a collaborative effort with your counselor, and you decide how far along the road you want to go. Do not be afraid to ask questions of your counselor; it is your process.

Forms to complete

When you come to the Counseling Center, we will ask you to complete two online questionnaires that let us get to know you better and may even help you to define more clearly, what is concerning you. In either case, the information allows us to help you more effectively

Client responsibility

In order to best utilize your appointments, the client will:

  • Participate actively in the sessions
  • Be on time for your appointments.
  • Cancel appointments as soon as is practicable prior to your meeting if you cannot make it.

Counselor responsibility

In order to assist you with your growth process, the counselor will:

  • Listen non-judgmentally to what you have to say.
  • Be respectful of you as a person.
  • Be on time for your appointments, so you can get the full benefit from your session.
  • Cancel appointments as soon as is practicable prior to your meeting if he or she is not available.

Last Updated 3/21/19

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