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Leadership Honor Society

Order of Omega is an International Leadership Honorary Society recognizing the top 3 percent of fraternity and sorority members annually. Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami (FL) in the fall of 1959 by a group of outstanding fraternity men, who felt that individuals in the Greek community should be recognized for their service to the fraternity system and the University. The Order of Omega voted to become a coeducational organization in the spring of 1977. The Order of Omega now has over 550 chapters across the United States and Canada.

The purpose of the Order of Omega is threefold. First, to recognize those students who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-Greek activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment. Second, to bring together the most representative fraternity and sorority members, and to create an organization that will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate affairs. The final purpose is to bring together members of the faculty, alumni/ae, and student members of the institution’s fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding, and helpfulness.

Omicron Beta

The Omicron Beta Chapter was chartered in 1995 at The College at Brockport.

Since our founding, we have initiated more than 167 members.

To be eligible for membership in the Order of Omega, a student must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • One full academic year of residence at The College at Brockport, State University of New York
  • Junior or Senior standing at the end of the prior semester
  • Rank academically above the all-Greek average
  • Be in good standing with your fraternity or sorority and the College

The selection will be based upon the following criteria:

  • Character
  • Scholarship
  • Greek offices held
  • Fraternal participation
  • Service to the University
  • Service to the local community

Spring 2017

New Initiates:

  • Gabrielle Branche, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Kelly Cunningham, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Taylor Day, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Christal Dewberry, Zeta Phi Beta
  • Emily Galligan, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Kendall Gillette, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Edward Sacer, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Kelsei Schuster, Phi Sigma Sigma

Spring 2016

New Initiates:

  • Anjelica Barrett, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • April Carella, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Courtney Corcoran, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Jenna Eckert, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Jessica Frank, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Bronte Hough, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Christina King, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Emily Laurin, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Lacey Sloat, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Rachel Starkweather, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Amanda Streeter, Delta Phi Epsilon

Spring 2015

New Initiates:

  • Nolan Avery, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Emilee Boddery, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Tara Custara, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Corey DePerno, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Taylor Dickson, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Chad Englert, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Nick Feligno, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Stefan Friedrich, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Shannon Hastings, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Ramel Holliday, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Margaret Huntoon, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Philip Karch, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Alexandra Lindke, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Hannah Morrison, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Parrie Wyatt, Phi Sigma Sigma

Spring 2014

New Initiates:

  • Eemane Boadu, Delta Sigma Theta
  • Sarah Kielaszek, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Taylor Schmittendorf, Phi Sigma Sigma

Fall 2013

New Initiates:

  • Catherine Alvarez, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • David Babb, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Keegan Bernat, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Jessica DiLuglio, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Devin Hladun, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Stephanie Lash, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Yashika Morales, Delta Sigma Theta
  • Alison Mulhollen, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Giorgio Rajao, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Danielle Sandbrook, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Stephanie Semon, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Jacob Thompson, Pi Kappa Phi

Spring 2013

New Initiates:

  • Steven Bryan, Pi Kappa Phi
  • Carol Gabbert, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Alexandra Schreppel, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Jessica Schuler, Delta Phi Epsilon
  • Meagen Skelley, Phi Sigma Sigma
  • Kari Stoelting, Delta Phi Epsilon

Last Updated 8/15/18

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