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All students pay a mandatory, non-user-based Health Center fee. In addition to supporting the operation of the Health Center, the fee is used to promote many health and wellness programs conducted for the benefit of students.

Rates: 2019-20

Supply/Medication/Service Cost
Office visit (without health fee) $20.00
Air cast ankle $25.00
Crutches not returned $30.00
Hepatitis A immunization $45.00
MMR VFC $10.00
Plan B (MAP) $30.00
PPD $10.00
Procedure fee (dermabond) $25.00
Tetanus/diptheria/pertussis (Tdap) $40.00
Tetanus (Td) $25.00
Massage (30 minutes) $25.00

Massage Therapy - Services currently not available due to COVID-19 pandemic

To make an appointment with our licensed massage therapist, please call (585) 395-2414.

The cost is $25 for 30 minutes, which can be billed to the student's account. No-shows and students who are late for their appointment will be charged the full amount for the massage they scheduled.

Ambulatory Clinic

Regularly staffed by registered nurses and nurse practitioners, the clinic provides care for a wide variety of health care needs such as:

  • Injuries: Athletic, wound care, trauma (e.g. fallen on ice)
  • Sickness: respiratory infections, bladder infections, asthma, flu, vomiting/diarrhea, mono, etc.
  • Gynecological visits
  • Sexual Health including PrEP and PEP
  • Contraceptive management
  • Lab visits

Preventive Health

  • Physicals: Employment/volunteer, ROTC, international travel
  • Immunizations: Don't let the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) and Meningitis requirement keep you out of classes! Keep in mind shots like tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and tuberculosis screening (known as PPD) that might need updating. Specific vaccines may also be available. Immunizations are administered "at cost" to students.
  • Health Education Offerings: A wide variety of topics from sex to drugs and rock-and-roll

Tobacco Cessation Assistance

  • Self-help information available at Hazen and at
  • Schedule an appointment for tobacco cessation. A nurse practitioner will assist you to explore your tobacco use habit and help you create a personalized quit plan.

Free Pharmacy Delivery - Services currently not available due to COVID-19 pandemic

Delivery from the Wegmans Brockport pharmacy to the Health Center is covered by the health fee.

To set up delivery:

  • Student must contact Wegmans and provide a credit or debit card to them to cover the cost of the medication.
  • Fill out a release at the Health Center authorizing Wegmans to deliver their medication.
  • Call the Brockport Wegmans pharmacy at (585) 637-6855 or have your prescribing provider fax a prescription in for you.
  • When calling in refills, choose option #0 to speak to a representative and specify Brockport delivery.
  • Order prescriptions by 2 pm Monday–Friday and Wegmans will deliver to the Student Health Center by 4:30 pm the same day.

Medications not picked up by the student will be returned to Wegmans after 10 days. Certain medications cannot be delivered to the Health Center. If you have questions about your medication being eligible for delivery, please call (585) 395-2414.

Self-Care Stations

Over-the-counter remedies are available without waiting or charge for minor problems with colds, pain, and wounds. Just stop in and see what's available.

  1. Cold Pack: Choose between regular and alternative health packs.
  2. Aches and Pains Pack: Try either ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve those typical discomforts like minor headaches, sprains and strains, and menstrual cramps.
  3. Wound Care Kits: Self-treatment for minor injuries like blisters, small cuts, scrapes, and burns.
  4. Free Condoms

If you use the self-care packs as directed and you do not feel better in 2-3 days, or if your condition worsens, please make an appointment with the Health Center.

HIV Testing

By appointment only, we offer:

  • Blood testing – insurance will be billed at discretion of the student

Last Updated 5/26/21