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Once you complete the Presidential Leadership Certificate, you may move onto the Capstone Certificate.

As a result of the Capstone Leadership Certificate, you will be able to:

  • Prepare for your role as a leader after graduation by demonstrating increased leadership skills and knowledge in the following areas: 1) consciousness of self; 2) commitment; 3) congruence; 4) collaboration; 5) common purpose; 6) controversy with civility; 7) citizenship.
  • Explain and evaluate your growth as a leader in the context of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development.
  • Have a deeper understanding and the ability to critically analyze your individual values along with group and societal values to promote change.

Overview of Capstone Leadership Certificate Program Requirements:

Individual Values: Contribution to the Students in the Leadership Development Program

To fulfill this requirement, select at least ONE of the following options:

  • Mentor for Green Certificate students
  • Advisor for a group of Gold Certificate students
  • Peer Mentor for the Leadership Living Learning Community (application required)

Group Values: Contribution to the Brockport Campus

To fulfill this requirement, select at least ONE of the following options:

  • Present a Green Certificate Workshop
  • Presentation at a College Conference
  • Membership on College Committee
  • Planning a major College Event (ex. Homecoming, Tunnel, Polar Plunge, Relay, etc.)
  • or create your own

Societal Values: Contribution to the Community

To fulfill this requirement, select at least ONE of the following options:

  • Planning a service opportunity for Brockport students in the community
  • Involvement in an Off-Campus Organization
  • Presentation at a State or National Conference
  • or create your own

Annual Leadership Program Kick-Off:

All Capstone students will participate in the annual leadership program kick-off which will take place at the end of September. This smaller committee will be responsible for helping to promote registration for the Leadership Development Program and plan the Kick-Off session along with any make-up sessions.

Annual Student Leadership Conference:

The Capstone students are responsible for planning all elements of the Annual Student Leadership Conference. Within the Conference Committee, various roles are assigned for people to take on different aspects of the planning, including conference chair, publicity, educational sessions, volunteers, registration, keynote speaker and others.

Capstone Cause:

To leave a lasting impact on the College, the Capstone group identifies and carries out the Capstone Cause. The group examines what the Brockport community needs and then designs a project that will address that need. Past Capstone Causes have included #TrueBrockport and the Brockport Gives Thanks program.

Expression of Growth Video:

At the end of each student’s Capstone journey, he/she must reflect on his/ her experiences by participating in a videotaped interview describing their experience in the LDP. In describing their experience, students are expected to reflect on the following questions:

How did your individual, group, and societal experiences improve your understanding and application of your own philosophy of leadership along with your future goals? How did you cohesively incorporate individual, group, and societal values to your experiences to promote positive change?

Capstone Hall of Fame:

At the end of each student’s Capstone journey, he/she must describe his/ her experiences in the Leadership Development Program by creating a one-page representation of his/her journey. This page should reflect the student’s personal style and will be added to the Capstone Hall of Fame book.

Registration for the Capstone Leadership Certificate is completed by submitting the Capstone Certificate Application via email directly after completion of the Presidential Certificate.

Last Updated 8/6/19

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