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Build your skills as a leader in a club or organization! This program offers workshops and opportunities to learn more about yourself and connect with other student leaders. 

As part of this program, you will experience: 

Individual Growth: How do your values impact your leadership style? What are the best ways to delegate to your club members? Are you making the most of your advisor? Can you maximize your role in your organization?

Organizational Growth: How can you build your organization's brand? What are the tools to planning a successful event? Are you setting your group up for success? Is your personality type helping your group succeed?

Community Impact: How can your club do a better job serving the community? What legacy will you be leaving behind? Are you able to see the bigger picture when collaborating? Is your organization supporting Brockport's Better Community Statement?

Officer Leadership Certificate Requirements:

  • Attend Leadership 101 for the OLC
  • Attend 2 Individual Values Workshops
  • Attend 2 Group Values Workshops
  • Attend 2 Community Values Workshops
  • Write reflections after each workshop and upload to myBrockport
  • Attend the Annual Student Leadership Conference

The Officer Leadership Certificate is presented as a collaboration between Brockport Student Government, Campus Recreation, Community Development, and Student Union and Activities. 

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Last Updated 8/15/18

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