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A Community for Returning and Transfer Students

In Fall 2012, a Living Learning Community (LLC) for Business Administration & Economics was formed under the guidance of a collection of Faculty from the School. The community has successfully attracted students with key interests in business disciplines and economics. One illustration of the commitment to the Business Administration & Economics LLC (BLLC) is the fact that in its inaugural year a total of six faculty members and two staff members dedicated their time to working with the BLLC to support its success. This community is thriving. Student members are matriculated in degree programs in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Pre-law and Business Administration. The BLLC is located in Mortimer hall and it houses both continuing/returning and transfer student members. In the residence hall, the atmosphere is focused on achievement, collegiality and student success. Members enjoy frequent interactions with faculty and staff, and enjoy opportunities to share experiences with like-minded peers who possess similar aspirations.

Students in the Business Administration & Economics LLC design their own programming goals for the year, including the selection of faculty guests, the scheduling of dinners and topical chats, as well as engaging in planning and preparation for student-driven community projects. Students are encouraged to get involved beyond the BLLC, and to present the outcomes of their work at Scholars Day, and at other campus-based events. The BLLC is also encouraged to collaborate with various Business Clubs and professional organizations that are represented on campus, and to serve as peer mentors to engage in additional programming activities that add value to the campus culture and their own learning experiences.

The Business Administration & Economics Living Learning Community is designed for continuing/ returning and high-credit transfer students who want to experience an enriched lifestyle while in college that will prepare them for career and graduate school entry upon graduation. The BLLC is intended for students who elect to major in any one of these specialty areas

Majors and Concentrations:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Pre-law

As members of the LLC, our students participate in many activities, including these:

  • Tours of local businesses
  • Welcome events aimed at increasing social and professional contact on campus
  • Alumni connection social and speaking events
  • Business practice learning enrichment: Lectures from faculty, guided discussions, etc.
  • Career connection activities
  • Community service opportunities that permit students the chance to make a difference to stakeholders of our campus and the broader community
  • Scholarly activities related to their LLC membership
  • Interaction with representatives of the Center for Student Success

Last Updated 8/15/18

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