The Honors House LLC is for first-year students accepted into The College at Brockport's Honors College

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This LLC will help develop social and academic relationships between students in the Honors College. It will maintain an environment conducive for academic focus and help students prepare for presenting at the College's annual Scholars Day. This LLC will work closely with the Honors College administrators and with returning Honors College students through the returning/transfers Honors House LLC. Students will also participate in field trips off campus, providing a balance of academics and social experiences.

Activities and Field Trips Include:

  • Community service opportunities
  • Scholars Day Presentations
  • In hall Tutoring
  • Preparation for Scholar's Day
  • The Strasenburgh Planetarium at The Rochester Museum & Science Center
  • Brown's Berry Patch
  • Local Museums and Theatre Performances

"The Honors LLC initially caught my attention because it was for others like me; students who were not only intelligent, but valued doing well. Being part of the LLC really helped me feel connected to the others in the program, and I made several friends during events organized by the LLC. I would definitely recommend this LLC for anyone who qualifies."
~Benjamin Falter, Class of 2016

Encouraged to Apply: Any first year student accepted in The College at Brockport Honors College. Honors College students may live in The Honors House LLC or they may choose another first year LLC. However, Honors College students must live in a first year LLC.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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