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Math & Science LLC

The Math & Science LLC in Mortimer Hall is for returning and transfer students majoring in math and science disciplines. The community will focus on field trips to math- and science-related museums and events. It will also explore career options within these fields. This group will work closely with the Mathematics & Physical Sciences and the Biological Sciences & Psychology first-year LLCs.

Activities and Field Trips Include:

  • Live Science Demonstrations
  • Visiting the Lennon Hall Planetarium
  • Launching Weather Balloons
  • Community service opportunities
  • The Niagara Power Vista
  • The Strasenburgh Planetarium at The Rochester Museum & Science Center
  • 13WHAM News Weather Station

"The Math and Science LLC was my best decision when choosing The College at Brockport. From day one there was a connection and similar interest between everyone in the LLC. The best thing about the LLC is that it networks you with similar majors from the start. Another aspect that really helps is having friends across the hall who you can study with. We are in a majority of classes together so it makes studying easier and in turn grades better. The LLC has given me friends that I will probably keep for the rest of my life and has made the transition from high school to college easier."
~ Randy Chase, Meteorology Major, Class of 2016
"When I saw that I could join an LLC that matched my academic area, I had to join it because I knew it would only benefit me. What I didn't know was that I would get connected and involved with so many other aspects. I've met so many great friends and we made perfect 'study buddies.' Through the LLC I've done several community service projects and even learned more about the campus. Being in an LLC is like having family at Brockport. A family that will grow together and always be there for one another no matter what."
~ Emily Noonan, Meteorology and Water Resources Major, Class of 2016

This image shows students at the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant in Lewiston, NY.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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