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Nursing Intent

New for fall 2013, the Nursing Intent LLC is home to first-year students who are declared nursing intent and plan to enter the nursing field. Students will have access to math and science tutors within the residence hall and will interact with current nursing students and alumni. The LLC will help students prepare to apply for the nursing program and explore the helping professions. Students will also engage in community service in Brockport and surroundings areas.

Activities and Field Trips Include

  • Student Panels from current Nursing Students & Alumni
  • Collaboration with the Student Nursing Organization (S.N.O.)
  • Frequent interaction and academic advisement from Nursing Department Faculty
  • Visits to local hospitals and Health Care Centers
  • Strong National Museum of Play
  • Cobble Creek Farms
  • In hall Tutoring

"I wish that as an incoming Nursing Intent that I would have had the option to join the Learning Living Community meant specifically for other Nursing Intents. As a freshman and sophomore you don't always know which of your peers are like you, working hard every single day in the hopes of getting into The Nursing Program. The community would have allowed me to connect with so many people working towards the same goals as me, so much sooner. I've made amazing lifelong friends in The Nursing Program. My only regret is that I didn't connect with them sooner, and the LLC would have been a perfect way to do this!"
-Hannah Moyer, Nursing Major, Class of 2013

Encouraged to Apply: Students who are Declared Nursing Intent and who are planning to pursue a career as a Nurse.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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