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Making Health Contagious

Prevention and Outreach Services provides The College at Brockport with services, programs, and interventions that address the biological, psychological, and social factors that impact the health of individuals, students groups, and the campus community.

Evidence and theory based practices are used to assist students in developing and maintaining healthy behaviors, skills, and attitudes that enhance personal development, academic success, and campus/community well-being.

Prevention and Outreach Services staff support this mission by:

  • Assessing student health and development needs and addressing them appropriately
  • Encouraging student responsibility for individual and community well-being
  • Engaging actively with student leaders and organizations
  • Facilitating individual and group education and skill building sessions
  • Providing opportunities for leadership, advocacy, and development
  • Creating a health-promoting normative environment
  • Developing and maintaining campus/community coalitions and collaborative relationships

Ultimately, Prevention and Outreach Services staff strive to create an environment where the healthiest decision is the easiest decision!

Please contact or (585) 395-5431 with questions, comments, or for more information.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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