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The College at Brockport recognizes that the use of alcohol and other drugs can significantly interfere with the mission of the College and pose a serious threat to the health and well-being of the members of our community.

Our comprehensive approach to alcohol prevention and intervention focuses on early introduction of education and skill building through both our Party Smart and EagleCHECK programs, as well as other outreach efforts. The content in these programs seeks to meet students where they are at and help them identify practical strategies to reduce harm and seek help.

Additionally, we strive to correct misperceptions that many students hold about college alcohol, tobacco and other drug use to reduce the harmful consequences of alcohol and other drug use. Our goal is to support students in achieving their personal and academic potential.

Be Smart. Be Safe: This educational document covers NYS laws, College polices, and other important information related to alcohol and other drug use.

Looking for more information on prevention work for alcohol and substance abuse programming at the College? Please view the Biennial Review of High-Risk Drinking and Substance Abuse Prevention.

For additional resources on alcohol and other drug information, please see below.

On campus

The Hazen Center for Integrated Care:

Health Services

Counseling Services

Additional Resources

Office of Student Conduct

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

College Drinking Prevention

Last Updated 5/26/21