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The College at Brockport, in collaboration with The Greater Brockport Prevention Coalition, is committed to helping students create environments that reduce chances of harm upon attendance of an event.

One way we can do this is through our Safe Event Hosting fund. This fund is available for clubs & organizations associated with academic departments to help fund harm-reduction strategies at events. Events may include socials, large campus gatherings, or other forms of campus sanctioned events where attendees may consider consuming alcohol or other drugs before, during or after the event.

Safe Event Hosting Funding Request Application 

Safe Event Hosting Post-Event Evaluation

Information for Applying

What is the purpose of these funds?

  • To help hosting organizations create a plan to either reduce the potential of attendees utilizing alcohol or other drugs before, during or after the event. 
  • To help the hosting organization create a plan for how to respond to events that have the potential for harm before, during, or after the event

Who can apply for the event?

All student organizations affiliated with BSG or SUNY Brockport Departments.

How to qualify?

There are three steps to qualifying for this fund:

  1. Two student organization officers must attend the Safe Event Host Training
  2. The student organization will fill out the Safe Event Hosting Funding Request a minimum of two weeks prior to the event.
  3. The student organization will fill out the Safe Event Hosting Post Event Evaluation within 72 hours of the event.

Available Training Dates

  • Monday, February 17 | 5 pm - 7:30 pm | 220 Seymour Union

Additional Information

  • When submitting the Post Event Evaluation, a copy of all supporting financial documents (ie. copies of receipts, invoices, etc.) must be attached to the evaluation:
  • Copy of marketing material, if there was one, must be attached to the evaluation.
  • There is a set amount of funds available per academic year, applications will be considered until funds run out.
  • If student organizations apply for funds multiple times, applications will be considered, funds will be awarded to first time applicants before repeat applicants.
  • All events must adhere to the policies and standards of their supervising departments and the College Code of Student Conduct.
  • If post event evaluation is not filled out, the hosting student organization will be responsible for funds granted. (ex. If Safe Event Host funds pay for pizza, but the hosting organization does not fill out post event evaluation, the organization will have to reimburse funds spent on pizza).

Who to contact with questions:

Lauren Mazzeo, College Prevention Coordinator

Last Updated 7/1/20

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