Let us help you! Volunteers from across campus - faculty, staff and students – will assist as many students as possible to make the move-in experience an easy one! Proceed through the following information and we’ll meet you at the Move-In Desk to help move your belongings to your residence hall. To shorten the wait time for Move-In assistance, avoid the peak time of arrival—10 am to 2 pm.

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  1. Parking—don’t worry, you’ll be guided! (See the Welcome Weekend Newsletter) Proceed down Residence Drive to your assigned residence hall and park in the first available parking lot. For opening weekend, the lots along Residence Drive (Lots O, P, Q and R) are designated as drop-off zones only. Although the first available parking lot may not be the lot closest to your residence hall, a Move-In volunteer will assist with your move-in following your check-in at your residence hall. This may include going to your vehicle with a club car and trailer to assist with unloading and bringing your belongings to your residence hall. Important: Please help us keep the Move-In process flowing by relocating your vehicle once it has been unloaded from the above lots, to lots T, V or V1. For those moving into McFarlane-Please park in Lot D1 on Holley Street and walk directly south between Holmes and Hazen.

  2. Next, check into your residence hall. Remember, don’t worry that your vehicle isn’t parked close to your residence hall. You may leave your items in your locked vehicle, check in at your residence hall and proceed to the Move-In Desk just outside. Your family and/or friends may stay with your vehicle while you check in. You are almost there!

  3. The Move-In Desk! Sign up for assistance with getting your belongings to your residence hall. We will provide for as many students as possible, providing a move-in pass, escort, cart and/or transportation to your vehicle to assist you. Wait times are generally minimal and well worth it.

Packing Tips

  • Use closable or stackable boxes.

  • Shopping for food and beverages is available on campus and there are busses for community shopping.

  • Please, no loose items or dangling cords.

  • Hangers should be tied and bagged.

  • Secure storage containers, shelves and drawers with tape or bungee cords.

  • Light weight bed risers are preferred over cinderblocks (preferred manufactured bed risers are available in stores and The College at Brockport’s Bookstore).

  • Have student or parent hand carry breakable items such as mirrors.

  • Place stickers on all of student’s boxes/trunks/suitcases, etc., with student’s name, residence hall and room number.

To avoid sending items back home, please DO NOT BRING the following items:

  • Use closable or stackable boxes.

  • Duplicate items—talk to your roommates ahead of time to avoid duplication

  • Carpets or mirrors for Bramley, Briggs, MacVicar, McLean, McFarlane, Mortimer, Perry, Townhomes and Thompson

  • Large refrigerators (over 5 cu ft.), sofas or large items over 6’6”, excessive furniture

  • NO extension cords—power strips only.

  • Prohibited appliances such as hot plates, toasters, toaster ovens, George Foreman style appliances

  • Vacuum cleaners are available in the residence halls for free

  • Flame producing items (candles, grills, stoves, incense, anything with open flame)

  • Halogen lamps and the lights with five bulbs at the top covered by colored, plastic shades

  • Alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons/firearms

  • Pets—an exception to this rule is made for fish kept in a small bowl or aquarium

  • Cinderblocks

  • Waterbeds

For a list of what to bring, prohibited items and Residential Life policies, see the Residential Life/Learning Communities website

Last Updated 4/2/18

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