"Buildings are built one block at a time, but communities are built one student at a time."

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Lower Quad 9 Corridor
MacVicar Lower Quad 20 Corridor
McLean Lower Quad 19 Corridor
McFarlane Lower Quad 27 Corridor
Benedict Middle Quad 28 4 Person Suite
Dobson Middle Quad 29 4 Person Suite
Harmon Middle Quad 31 4 Person Suite
Gordon Middle Quad 30 4 Person Suite
Briggs Upper Quad 41 6 Person Suite
Bramley Upper Quad 40 6 Person Suite
Perry Upper Quad 39 6 Person Suite
Mortimer Upper Quad 42 4/5/6 Person Suite
Student Townhomes   130-138 4 Person Townhome Units
Eagle Hall Construction
  2 Person Rooms


Style Layouts and Service Chart


room layout


facilities at a glance


Residence halls at The College at Brockport are more than places where students sleep. They are vibrant, active communities where significant learning takes place. They are dedicated to student success through a commitment to collaboration, community, civility, diversity and responsible citizenship. They are comfortable and affordable, promote the safety of their residents, and emphasize academics. They value meaningful involvement and encourage pride and respect. Our community-building program focuses on the total development of a student within the residential setting. We consider students to be adults and expect them to obey all laws and take personal responsibility for their conduct.

The College at Brockport's residence halls offer many options. Morgan, Thompson, McLean, MacVicar, and McFarlane Halls have corridor-style rooms opening directly into the hallway, with a community bathroom shared with other corridor residents. Dobson/Benedict and Harmon/Gordon Halls are composed of four-person (two-bedroom) suites, each with a study room and private bath. Briggs, Bramley, Perry, and Mortimer Halls are composed of six-person (three-bedroom) suites, also with a study and private bathroom. Eagle Hall, our newest residence hall, will open in Fall 2018 and offer “hotel” style living (2 students per bedroom with their own individual bathroom.

Each student will have a desk, desk chair, floor lamp, bed frame, mattress (twin extra-long), dresser, closet, wastebasket and recycling bin. Venetian blinds are provided on all windows. All student mail is delievered to the package room located in the Seymour College Union (22 on the campus map) for any packages requiring signatures.


Each residence hall community is staffed by a professional Resident Director (RD) and a staff of returning student Resident Assistants (RAs). RAs and RDs are excellent sources of information - they know the campus, its resources, and how to help you resolve problems. The residential staff are committed to service excellence. They will treat you as an individual, help you make choices, support you in developing personal responsibility and concern for others, and help you to develop a plan for your academic success.

Resident Directors (RD)

The primary role of the resident director is to provide support and development of students and staff within a residential community. In that effort the RD is responsible for the overall operation of the community, the coordination of educational programming, the planning and execution of activities and events, stimulating behavior change through the student conduct process, supervising and developing RA staff, and counseling students. The RD is a valuable resource person. Click here for our list of Resident Directors and their contact information.

Resident Assistants (RA)

Resident Assistants are carefully selected based upon their leadership skills, commitment to creating inclusive communities, academic record, and potential to develop and present innovative programs to the hall community. They are required to attend extensive pre-semester and in-service training, including taking a required class. RAs are there to support students and help them identify resources on campus, you will always have someone to go to for support and assistance. Your RA is a valuable resource and, as a student too, had to make all the adjustments you are making.

Each weekday afternoon, an RA is on day-desk duty in each residence hall (hours may vary by hall). Every evening, an RA is on duty in each residence hall also. The name, room, and phone number of the RA on duty is posted near the main desk. While on duty, the RA sits at the main desk 8 p.m. - midnight, Sunday - Thursday, and 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. RAs on duty respond to student concerns, provide information, check out residence hall equipment, make periodic rounds, and assist the Resident Director in the operation of the hall.

Residence Council

Residence Council (RC) is a collaboration of students living in the same residence hall, along with Resident Assistants, the Resident Director, and Faculty in Residence (if applicable). Residence Council in the first-year residence halls consist of three first-year residents who serve as RC Officers in the roles of President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Your annual $20 Residence Council fee, payable during check-in, makes it possible for your Residence Hall Council to provide activities such as recreation tournaments (softball, broomball, ping pong, etc.), cultural programs, lectures, educational programs, movies, hall game shows, various trips and other activities all in your residence hall. The Residence Hall Council in your hall will be only as active as you help make it. Your ideas and support can make the Residence Hall Council a valuable part of your community living experience. It’s a chance to explore your talents as a student leader.

Residence Hall Association


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