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Policy and Application for Release from the 2017-2018 Housing Agreement

Please review this site in its entirety. The actual release application can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Housing Agreement that you signed during the check-in process is binding for the entire academic year (August–May). Release from this agreement is permitted only under specific and/or exceptional circumstances approved by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities. A release will be granted, subject to later verification, when proof of one of the following circumstances is presented (and appropriate documentation is provided):

The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities encourages students to meet with Financial Aid representatives to see how living off-campus could potentially impact any financial aid/scholarships that are awarded.

Justification Required Documentation
Commuting from home of parent(s) or immediate family member within 30 mile radius of campus* Notarized Verification of Residence with parent or immediate family member's signature (this form can be found below)
Marriage* Marriage License or other appropriate documentation
Veteran Status Copy of DD 214 form
Medical* A detailed written description of condition that includes negative impact of residential environment and description of proposed alternative. The Hazen Center for Integrated Care will be asked to verify your medical condition, the impact of the residential environment and feasibility of addressing student's concerns.
Dietary* BASC representative must indicate Dining Services’ inability to meet student's dietary needs. Note: general dissatisfaction will not be reason for approval.

Demonstration of an extraordinary change in financial condition beyond student's resource base, which cannot be remedied through existing College financial aid programs. Students who qualify for loans and other types of aid, but choose not to accept, will not be granted a financial release. 

The following items MUST accompany the students application for release:

  • Student Aid Report (this can be found in WebBanner)
  • A copy of the student's Financial Aid Award Screen (this also can be found in WebBanner)
  • A written narrative explaining the financial need
  • Any other supporting documentation that the student feels would help support their case.

If you are having trouble locating these two documents, you may call the Financial Aid Office. Applications that are received without this information will not be reviewed until a complete packet is received.

Note: the ability to save money by living off campus is not a justification for exemption.

Graduation Graduation requirements must be completed as verified by the Office of Registration and Records.
Approved Temporary Academic Leave

Completing the Temporary Academic Leave request at: www.brockport.edu/academics/retention/leave/ (Please make sure to check "at the end of the semester" or your current classes will be dropped.)

If you are transferring, please also submit your letter of acceptance.

Parent* Birth certificate of dependent

Student involvement in a College‑sponsored academic program such as student teaching, study abroad, or other program, if the obligations demand residency 30 miles or more from campus

Written (and email) verification from student's advisor and copy of the acceptance letter into the program.
Extraordinary Personal Circumstances* A typed document stating why student can no longer live on campus. This letter should accompany any documentation student believes would help in the decision process. All extraordinary personal circumstances will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residential Life or their designee, the Assistant Director for Housing..
*Students that fall into these categories will be assessed a “Housing Cancelation Charge” of $250.00 (if they are approved for release).

NOTE: Unless you receive approval of this request, your student status requires compliance with the housing policy.  Alternative arrangements for housing, including a lease commitment, will not be considered sufficient reason for approval of this request. If you enter into a lease or other arrangement for off‑campus housing and have not been released from your Housing Agreement, you will be paying rent in two locations.


  1. Make an appointment with your Resident Director or Townhomes Coordinator (if needed) to discuss and review policy. After you submit your application, your Resident Director or Townhomes Coordinator may reach out to you to discuss your application. All requests for release from the Housing Agreement must be submitted on the online form, Application for Release from the Housing Agreement (below).
  2. The completed application must be submitted online. Release applications for the spring 2018 semester will be accepted until Tuesday, November 21, 2017, at 5 pm.
  3. Each request must be accompanied by relevant supporting documentation (i.e. medical circumstances verified by Health Services, information regarding extreme changes in family financial situations as verified by the Financial Aid Office, etc.). Incomplete request packages will be returned without action.
  4. Each request will be reviewed by the Assistant Director for Housing in consultation with your Resident Director or Townhomes Coordinator. The Assistant Director for Housing will inform the applicant in writing of the decision. All decisions will be sent to your Brockport email address.

*** If you have any further questions, please contact your Resident Director or Townhomes Coordinator.

Response to Student Timeline

If you turn in your release application between… You will receive an email response around…
October 20 through 5 pm on October 27 November 3
After 5 pm on October 27 through 5 pm on November 10 November 16
After 5 pm on November 10 through 5 pm on November 17 November 21
After 5 pm on November 17 through 5 pm on November 21 December 1
After 5 pm on November 21 TBD

Forms, Resources, and Application:

Application for Release from the Housing Agreement

Verification of Residence Form

Temporary Academic Leave Information

Residential Life/Learning Communities Staff

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