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COVID-19 Policies

SUNY Uniform Sanctions for COVID-19 Student Violations

Effective October 1, 2020

The SUNY Chancellor and SUNY leaders have developed and announced new SUNY-wide required student conduct sanctions associated with specific COVID-19 violations, which SUNY Brockport is required to implement. Many are consistent with SUNY Brockport’s current practices. The sanctions will be applied to students who violate the Code of Student Conduct, related to Failure to Comply, Disorderly Conduct and/or Violation of Local, State and/or Federal Law. The Code of Student Conduct applies to behavior on- and off-campus.

Amnesty Statement

Hazen Center for Integrated Care and County Health Departments use contact tracing to identify and isolate potentially ill students. Students are required to openly participate in this process, and honestly disclose contact with others to maintain the health and safety of the campus community. A student who is acting in good faith during contact tracing and discloses an incident(s) that may constitute a Code of Conduct violation, such as a gathering where students are not masked, will not be subject to conduct charges. Failure to be forthcoming about information during contact tracing may result in conduct charges and elevated sanctions, if found responsible.

Guest Policy Statement

In accordance with the SUNY Uniform Sanctions, the office of Student Conduct is publishing the following information to assist students with making informed decisions about hosting guests at their residence hall room, student townhome and/or off campus residence. To reduce the potential spread of COVID-19, elevated sanctions will be applied to students who have more than one guest per legal occupant in any residence or dwelling. For example, if four people reside at your suite or apartment, there may be a maximum of four guests, totaling no more than eight people at any time. This applies to indoor and outdoor spaces; face coverings must be worn and social distancing must occur. Please be reminded that residence halls and student townhomes cannot have outside guests; only residents visiting each other within their same residence hall is permitted.

General Information

  • All residence halls are smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited on College property, with the exception of designated areas.
  • All freshman residence halls are alcohol-free regardless of age.
  • All residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All guests must have photo identification.
  • All residence halls have Quiet Hours: 7 pm – 7 am Sunday – Thursday, and midnight – 7 am Friday – Saturday. The last week of classes and finals week have extended 24-hour Study Quiet Hours. We expect our students to abide by 24-hour courtesy hours, during which they are mindful of the impact of noise on their community.
  • Our On-Campus Housing License listed below has the list of prohibited items.

Policies and Procedures

On-Campus Housing License

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