Housing Refund Policy - Fall 2017

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Room Refunds – Room charges are calculated by week of occupancy on a pro-rated basis as follows:

(Please refer to section G of the Residence Hall License for specific details on Occupancy Charges – Payments and Refunds)


Leave the College or *Approved Housing Release Charge
Returning Students- Housing Deposit Refund Requests will be granted through 5/1/17. All requests must be sent to housing@brockport.edu from your Brockport email address. $0
Returning Student Housing Cancelation (5/2/17 through 8/13/17) Loss of $100 Housing Deposit
All On-Campus Students Starting August 14th (through 9/02/17) $350 ($250 plus $100 deposit) 

All On-Campus Students- Week 2 through week 8 of the semester (9/03/17-10/21/17) 50% room charge
All On-Campus Students- Week 9 through week 16 of the semester (10/22/17-12/16/17) Full room charge


*Please Note: The Housing Agreement is for the entire academic year (August-May). If you move-out of your assignment, without consulting the Office of Residential Life, you could forfeit all of your housing charges (August –May) resulting in a 0% refund,

Conduct Violations: If you are removed for conduct violations, you could forfeit the remainder of your housing charges for the term.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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