Townhome Assistant Position Description & Responsibilities

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Residential Life/Learning Communities Mission Statement

Residential Life/Learning Communities and Student Conduct contribute to the holistic development of students through intentional support, programs and collaboration, which foster a safe, inclusive and engaged community.

Resident Assistant/Townhomes Assistant Vision Statement

The College at Brockport Resident Assistants and Townhomes Assistants strive to enrich the residential experience by creating an inclusive, vibrant community. We inspire personal growth and student success by developing a supportive environment and building strong relationships with our residents. Ultimately, our goal is to guide students through their challenges and empower their self-discovery.

Townhome Assistant Learning Outcomes

Townhome Assistants will be able to:

  • Create and implement community building initiatives in Townhome complex community.
  • Identify multiple levels of diversity, including the ongoing development of their identity, and create an inclusive community.
  • Apply interpersonal skills that increase their ability to work with others, effectively communicate, and develop healthy relationships.
  • Apply leadership skills that enhance their ability to achieve their personal and professional goals, throughout college and beyond.
  • Assess conflict and crisis situations and identify the appropriate response.
  • Relate their formal academic learning to their experience in the Townhome complex.
  • Arrange priorities to manage stress and responsibilities.
  • Summarize College policies and procedures to educate residents, hold students accountable and create a safe environment where students can be academically and socially successful.
  • Identify campus and community services, refer students to such services and help students develop a connection to the College.

Townhome Assistant (TA) Position Description & Responsibilities

TA Selection Process

Townhome Assistants are selected on the basis of leadership potential, experience, and the ability and desire to assist students, in maximizing their experiences in the Townhome Complex. TAs assist students through personal contact, referral to appropriate campus services, and providing co-curricular engagement to encourage community development. The TA staff strives to develop their residential community. A vital part of the TA position is to fulfill multiple roles, including as representatives, liaisons, and role models representing the Division of Enrollment Management/Student Affairs and Residential Life/Learning Communities.

At all times, TAs are expected to maintain confidentiality, communicate effectively, and act appropriately. While TAs are allowed to have additional employment and encouraged to be involved on and off campus, the Townhome Assistant position is a priority, only second to academics. TAs are expected to arrive early and stay late at certain times throughout the academic year. TAs are expected to continue to participate in personal, professional and career development opportunities throughout the year in addition to required trainings and conferences. Our TAs boast high academic achievement, well rounded co-curricular experiences and many have gone on to pursue a career in student affairs/higher education.

Using a developmental rubric evaluation, TAs scored in the proficient or exemplary categories for performance and learning.


All Townhomes Assistants directly report to the Townhomes Coordinator and indirectly report to members of central staff. TAs will be evaluated during the academic year by the Townhomes Coordinator based on criteria listed below.

Townhome Assistants build mentoring relationships and assist individual students in developing as a whole person, including cognitively, culturally, personally, and socially. Townhome Assistants fulfill a variety of roles as a student leader: Community Builder, Community Leader, Administrator, Role Model, Conflict/Crisis Manager, and Facilities Liaison. Within these roles, Resident Assistants maintain various responsibilities, outlined below.

Brief Description of Responsibilities & Role

  • Community Builder

    • Plan and execute quality community builders regularly, as outlined in the TA Community Builder Expectations
    • Design bulletin boards monthly, or as required by the Townhomes Coordinator
    • Collaborate and assist with professional staff’s educational initiatives

  • Community Leader

    • Disseminate college information and policies to students and collect information as required by the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities
    • Collaborate with TC to develop and achieve Residential Life/Learning Communities initiatives regarding learning outcomes and assessment
    • Orientate transfer students and returning students new to apartment style living to living in the Townhome’s community
    • Be visible and present in the Townhomes Community Center and Townhome Complex
    • Set standards and expectations for the community, holding resident meetings when appropriate or necessary
    • Serve on residence community center committees
    • Develop positive relationships with students, faculty and staff
    • Advising/referring residents to campus offices/services
    • Knowledgeable of policies and procedures as outlined in the Residence Hall License, Student Code of Conduct, etc. Hold students accountable for actions
    • Promote academic success by enforcing quiet hours, etc.

  • Administrator

    • Assist with the opening and closing of the townhomes, which will require arriving early and staying late.
    • Submit a weekly report to the Townhomes Coordinator as required.
    • Notify Townhomes Coordinator of any information regarding residents, ie: illness, deaths, concerns, personal issues, etc.
    • Check Brockport E-mail at least once DAILY for any messages and respond in a timely manner.
    • Complete additional tasks assigned by the Townhomes Coordinator.
    • Assist with occupancy, student conduct, furniture inventory, damage reports, TA/RA selection, RA Conference, etc.
    • TAs are expected to complete assigned tasks on time.
    • Utilize assessment tools as directed to assist with assessing student engagement, satisfaction and learning

  • Role Model

    • TAs are expected to be visible on campus by being involved in other campus and community roles, such as clubs, organizations, intramurals, etc.
    • Uphold standards as indicated in the RA/TA Personnel Policy
    • TAs are expected to be academic role models by maintaining a 2.5 GPA or higher.
    • TAs are expected to act as a peer mentor to students in the complex, showing compassion, concern and support.

  • Conflict/Crisis Manager

    • Please see TA On Duty Expectations Document.
    • TAs on duty must be PRESENT in the complex promptly from 10pm until 7am the next day. TAs that serve on weekend duty must hold the phone during the daytime hours too..
    • Document incidents by completing incident reports immediately after an incident
    • Inform the Townhomes Coordinator, Resident Director on Duty and University Police (if necessary) of any concerns or student conduct issues.
    • TAs on duty should pick up mail from the Office of Residential Life and Learning Communities each day, including building flyers for advertisement, between the hours of 12pm and 4:30 pm.
    • TAs on duty should check the outside mailbox for resident mail and sort the mail accordingly once retrieved.

  • Campus Liaison

    • Communicate with the Townhomes Coordinator, facilities, laundry and vending staffs to report facilities concerns.
    • Communicate and effectively work with other offices such as the Counseling Center, University Police, Student Union & Activities, Community Development, Student Learning Center, etc.
    • Collaborate with Prevention & Outreach Services to implement health education in the residence halls

  • Living Learning Community

    • Encouraged to utilize LLC Overall and LLC specific Learning Outcomes when planning and executing community builders
    • Encouraged to collaborate with faculty involved with the LLC on programs, field trips and community service projects.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Submit a proposal for the Brockport Resident Assistant Conference
  • Coordinate 2 educational programs in collaboration with the TC
  • Other Opportunities:
    • Assist with staff training initiatives
    • Assist with additional educational initiatives of the TC
    • Serve as a point person for new staff that are hired throughout the year and SRAs
    • Other duties as requested by TC or Assistant Director of Residential Life/Learning Communities


  1. Fill out a TA Application during the TA selection process (due in November)
  2. Applicants will be invited for a professional interview in front of a panel of Residential Life/Learning Communities staff members. You will need to bring a resume and prepare a presentation to this interview.
  3. Applicants will go through a group process interview together after their professional interview on a night designated by the TC and Selection Committee
  4. TA applicants will be placed and notified of placement prior to the end of Fall Semester.

Note: Questions regarding the Townhome Assistant Position may be forwarded to The Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities at of 585-395-2122.

Last Updated 11/6/17

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