Resident Assistant Program Testimonials

Student leaders such as Resident Assistants serve in an invaluable role in providing support, community building, belonging and peer educators so residents can be successful.

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Residential programs ought to help students transition from dependence to independence over time while promoting campus and civic engagement, critical thinking, ability to work with diverse others in an inclusive community and a connectedness to the college. The College at Brockport Resident Assistant Program is a premier leadership opportunity that challenges our student leaders to make a difference in the lives of their peers.

"As I sit back and reflect on the past three years of my life as both a student and a resident assistant at The College at Brockport, I see a tremendous growth holistically. Not only have I grown as a student, but as an employee, a leader, a mentor and an individual. The friendships and relationships that I have obtained will last forever because of the mutual understandings that all Brockport RA's have." ~Carrie Wright

"Being an RA for the past two years has been the best part of my college experience. I think that I learned more about people, life and time management from this job than I could have from anything else. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to gain the skills and experiences that the position provides. Most college students do not get the crisis management skills that we develop, and they may not develop the sense of responsibility and professionalism that comes with this job until later in life." ~Emily Call

"Growing up, I was never the leader. With an older brother who was always there to pave the way, I looked up to him to guide me and learned from his example. In my first year as an RA, I knew I had the leadership skills in me, but didn't quite know how to express them. With the help of one veteran RA on my first staff, I learned that I really am a leader in the eyes of not only my residents but also my peers. I have seen myself grow each year in the RA position, not only as an RA, but into a determined, assertive young woman. I have taken the skills I have learned and continue to use those values in my day to day life and will well into the future... Figuring this out taught me what my real passion in life is; helping others. When asked why I became an RA, I have always responded, I want to help my peers. Helping others in a position such as an RA has given me such delight and I couldn't have asked for a better leadership experience....Recognizing my capabilities as a leader on campus has led me to pursue a future in Higher Education and Student Affairs in graduate school, in the fall. The connections I have made through my time as an RA I know will stay with me throughout my lifetime. I will always remember the friends and mentors I have made through my experience as a Brockport RA." ~Caroline Boron

Last Updated 8/28/17

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