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All prices are subject to change each academic year. All rates are per semester, per person.

Room Type  2020-2021 Semester Cost   Notes
Double Room*  $4,382.50 The majority of our students live in double rooms.
Designed-Single Room*  $4,782.50 Subject to availability.
Double-Single Room*  $5,182.50 Subject to availability.
Double-Single Room (in Eagle Hall)* $5,382.50 Subject to availability.
Student Townhomes  $4,750.00 Available for juniors/seniors
Eagle Hall*  $4,582.50 View more information here

*Requires a mandatory meal plan through BASC (Brockport Auxiliary Services). Meal plan information can be found here.

Scholarship Students

Scholarship students (Recognition, Green, Gold and Prometheus) are eligible to reside in the Student Townhomes and Eagle Hall. However, students will not qualify for their full award and will only receive a $1,000 credit ($500 per semester) against their room charge and will be financially responsible for the balance. Students who are eligible and receive The Excelsior Scholarship (or any private scholarship) are not impacted by this. They will receive their full amount, per the terms of those agreements.

Last Updated 7/1/20

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