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Main Office Information

Campus Location: Thompson Hall - West Wing
Phone Number: (585) 395-2122 or (585) 395-2108
Fax Number: (585) 395-2732


Interim Director of Residential Life/ Learning Communities

Monique Rew-Bigelow

Email Monique

Associate Director

Craig M. Ross

Email Craig

Assistant Director for Housing

Carl R. O'Connor

Email Carl

Interim Assistant Director, Residential Life/Learning Communities

Vanessa Taylor

Email Vanessa

Assistant Director, Student Conduct

Dan Greer

Email Dan

Student Conduct Coordinator

Joseph Goings

Email Joe

Living Learning Communities Coordinator


Townhomes Coordinator

Kayla Cercone

Email Kayla

Secretary 1

Debbie Lester

Email Debbie

Clerk 2

Berni Simmons

Email Berni

Residential Life / Learning Communities Live-In Staff:

The primary role of the Resident Director/Townhomes Coordinator (RD/TC) is to enhance the development of students and staff within a residential community. In that effort, the RD/TC is responsible for the overall operation of the community, the coordination of student development programming, the planning and execution of activities and events, fostering a sense of civility and inclusion through the student conduct process, supervising and developing RA/TA staff, and supporting students.

Feel free to email the corresponding RD/TC specific questions about their individual hall. Resident Director offices are located on the first floor of their building. The Townhome Coordinator's Office is located in the Townhomes Community Center.

Resident Director Residence Hall Email RD Office (daytime) RA Office (night)
Mark Poblocki Thompson Hall Email Mark x2645 x2001
Vanessa Taylor McLean Hall Email Vanessa x2301 x2458
Dustin Gardner McFarlane Hall Email Dustin x2261 x2464
Ebenezer Mfodwo MacVicar Hall Email Ebenezer x2224 x2462
Devon Smith Benedict Hall Email Devon x2132 x2130
Ben Bunker Dobson Hall Email Ben x2303 x2115
Romar Lyle Gordon Hall Email Romar x2150 x2127
Devin Bonner Harmon Hall Email Devin x2147 x2124
Haley Johnson Bramley Hall Email Haley x2677 x2676
Devin McDermott Briggs Hall Email Devin x2640 x2382
Alexandra Athens Perry Hall Email Lexi x2674 x2673
Vacant Morgan Hall Vacant x2686 x2331
Megan Tefft Mortimer Hall Email Megan x2358 x2514
Kayla Cercone Student Townhomes Email Kayla x2220 x8696

Last Updated 2/12/18

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