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Living On Campus

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Our community-building program focuses on the total development of a student within the residential setting. We consider students to be adults and, therefore, we expect them to obey all laws and take personal responsibility for their conduct.

Each residence hall community is staffed by a Resident Director (RD) and a staff of upper class Resident Assistants (RA's) who reside on each floor. RAs and RDs are excellent sources of information -- they know the campus, its resources, and how to help you resolve problems. The residential staff is committed to service excellence. They will treat you as an individual, help you make choices, support you in developing personal responsibility and concern for others, and help you develop a plan for your academic success.

Advice (How to make things go smoother)


Welcome to living on campus.

Some of you reading this will know what it is like to live in a room with someone else, and some of you will not. Being part of a learning community is challenging and rewarding. Living in the residence halls allows you to take advantage of all the fantastic benefits we have to offer.

The challenges you will face are simply related to some core themes: consideration, open-mindedness and forethought. If you display these characteristics, then you will have an easier time adjusting to the learning community's way of life.

Tips and Suggestions

Move In

Read the following on what is already provided.

Contact your roommate and suitemates before you get to school. Then you compare notes on who's bringing what so none of you are doing extra work.

When coming to Brockport, it is important to remember you will be limited to the amount of space in your room. No storage is available. Remember to keep things to a minimum. There's time to bring more stuff later, but sending your parents/friends home with stuff they lugged up here for you doesn't make them happy.

Good luck! If you should have any questions, please contact the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities.


What is provided in the residence halls?

  • 1 desk, desk chair, dresser per person
  • 1 bed frame and mattress per person
  • 1 closet per person
  • 1 Wastebasket and 1 recycling bin per room
  • Venetian blinds are provided on all windows
  • 1 Telephone jack, 1 cable hookup, 2 ethernet internet hookups per room
  • Vacuum cleaners are available to loan out in RA offices
  • Personal mailbox for incoming mail. Click here to read more about receiving packages.
  • Free laundry machines are available for resident use throughout each residence hall (open 24 hours)
  • 24-hour On-Call Emergency Response by University Police and Residential Life Staff
  • AED machines are located throughout each residence hall (all Res Life staff are trained)
  • Residence Council - programs, activities, game supplies, etc!
  • Kitchens, game rooms, study lounges, etc are located in each hall. Click here to learn more about each hall's lounges.

What Should I Bring?

What to Bring

  • Bedding, such as:
    • Sheets (twin extra long = 80" long x 33.5" wide x 6.5" long)
    • Blankets, Comforter, Mattress cover, Pillows & Pillow Cases
  • Towels, Washcloths, Toiletries (toothbrush/toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotions, hairdryer, medications, first aid kit, etc) (*TIP - Often students prefer to wear flip-flops and bathrobe to and from bathroom)
  • Seasonal items - umbrella, boots, winter clothes, etc
  • A throw rug
  • Clothes hangers (there are two closets in each room)
  • Laundry hamper/basket, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, iron / small ironing board (Laundry machines are free and located throughout each hall)
  • Cleaning supplies - (bathroom cleaning supplies are only needed for suite rooms in Benedict and Dobson Halls that are responsible for their private bath, corridor bathrooms in Morgan, McLean, Thompson, MacVicar, and McFarlane Halls are cleaned daily by our Facilities staff) (Vacuums are available in every residence hall RA office to be loaned out during office hours)
  • School / Desk supplies - planner/calendar, bookbag, scissors, notebooks, stapler, highlighters, pens, pencils, tape, ruler, paper, envelopes, stamps, markers, post-it notes, index cards, rubber bands, dictionary, etc
  • Crates, bins, or containers for storage
  • Poster tack or carpenter's tack to hang posters (no tape or nails in walls)
  • Dishes, cups, bowls, silverware, dishsoap, etc
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Sports Equipment (equipment / bikes must be stored in rooms)
  • Car - contact Parking Services to learn more about parking on campus
  • Electrical Appliances
    • fridge
    • Alarm Clock
    • Radio/CD Player
    • DVD player
    • Computer - Ethernet network card is needed. All residence hall rooms have 2 ethernet connections. All residence halls have wireless access.
    • Refrigerator (under 5 cubic ft.) --- one per bedroom (talk with roommate over summer to make sure only one is brought to campus) - Suites can have one per bedroom and one in the suite room.
    • Surge Protector Strips (extension cords are NOT allowed)
    • Desk Lamp
    • Fan, vaporizer, humidifier
    • Can opener
    • 700 watt or less microwave (one per bedroom),
    • UL-approved self-contained appliances - hotpot, coffee maker, popcorn maker (NO exposed heating elements - George Forman grills, toaster oven, etc)
    • Telephone: A telephone line is provided in each room. Phones may be borrowed from the Office of Telecommunications. You will receive your phone number when you receive your room assignment. All incoming/outgoing on-campus phone calls and all incoming phone calls are free. A voicemail service is also available for free.

Items NOT To Bring

  • Any type of cooking appliances including:
    • Toaster ovens
    • Hot Plates
    • George Forman Grills
    • Sandwich Makers of any kind
  • Air conditioners or space heaters of any kind
  • Rope and tube type lights
  • Electronic skateboards, including self-balancing boards/scooters, and any other similar equipment are prohibited from being used, stored and/or charged in any on-campus housing facility due to a potential fire hazard;
  • Lava lamps, halogen lamps, 5-light portable incandescent floor lamps that have five flexible goosenecks with multi-colored shades
  • Lofts of any kind (unless already provided by The College)
  • Candles and incense
  • Any type of subwoofer or loud speakers
  • Alcohol and drugs - ALL first-year Residence halls are substance-free regardless of age
  • Pets - only fish kept in a bowl are permitted
  • Weapons of any kind (any recreational items must be stored and registered at University Police)

This list is not exhaustive, and may not completely fulfill your needs. You may come up with many more ideas, and we hope you do! We hope this list will help you to think about what you should bring and what should be left at home. Please refer to the Housing License for more detailed information. If you should have any questions regarding whether or not something could be brought, please contact the Office of Residential Life/Learning Communities.

Last Updated 4/4/18

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