Below is information and a number of links that will be helpful to you as a student employee at Brockport.

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Getting Started

Did you just get hired? Please complete the following steps to ensure you are eligible to work: 

  1. Visit Student Employment in Rakov 101

  2. Complete Required Paperwork

    Work-Study eligible students who have not completed their work authorization at Student Employment by October 1 will be assumed to be not interested and have the Work-Study award canceled.

  3. Provide Required Documents

    • Must prove personal identity & eligibilty 
    • Documents MUST BE ORIGINAL. We cannot accept photocopies, faxes or expired versions
    • Documents will be used to complete I-9 & tax forms required by federal & state law. Students CANNOT begin working until these forms are complete. 
    • View the List of Acceptable Documents

Student Employment Forms

Tax Forms

Although you should have completed Federal and NYS tax withholding forms at the time of hire, you may access copies at the links below. These are applicable to ALL student employees. If you need to change or update information, submit a new form to Student Employment or Payroll, or to the BASC Payroll Office in Brockway for BASC employees.

Campus Information System

See your Student Employee Authorizations, and Work-Study paychecks (if applicable). Simply sign on to the Campus Information System, and follow the on-screen menus to see your information.

Retirement Information

Retirement Information for all student employees

Information For BASC Employees

Please refer questions to BASC

Last Updated 5/26/21