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Campus Nomination Process

Supervisor of the Year Nomination Form

The Supervisor of the Year program is a regional competition, which begins at the Institutional level. Each year, the Northeast Association of Student Employment Administrators (NEASEA) looks to students at colleges across the region to nominate supervisors who they feel are especially worthy of recognition. The supervisor you nominate will be considered for the Institutional Supervisor of the Year award, and if selected, has the opportunity to move on to regional consideration.

In your letter of nomination, please describe the accomplishments of the nominee which you feel qualify him/her to be considered for Supervisor of the Year recognition. Your letter of nomination must be limited to two pages. Nominations will be judged on the abilities of the supervisor to: integrate the student employee as a member of their staff, to provide guidance and mentoring, to encourage initiative, and to align with the mission of college and/or the department. By including answers to the following questions, as well as specific examples, you will likely be touching upon the selection criteria.

  • Supervisor provides student employee(s) an opportunity to demonstrate responsibility and to feel like part of the staff.
  • Supervisor encourages the use of initiative, academic background and/or skill sets of the student employee(s) they supervise.
  • Supervisor provides a quality and challenging work environment.
  • Supervisor establishes a work environment which encourages access, direction and/or a mentoring role.
  • Supervisor Provides the student with the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the mission of the department/location and/or to the institution.

A complete nomination includes the following two items:

  • The Campus Nomination Form (see below)
  • Your letter of nomination (two page limit)

The information you provide may be shared with the public through press releases and other promotional opportunities.

Last Updated 8/15/18

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