This is recommended for any student who may continue to work in the Public sector within New York State. Students employed on the Temporary Service or College Work Study Payroll may join the New York State Employees’ Retirement System.

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Basic overview

  • This is a State retirement system which, if you join under present law, permits retirement at age 63 or older with ten or more years of creditable service.

  • Employee contribution rate is three percent of gross salary.

  • Membership becomes effective on the date your application is received by the retirement system.

  • Members who leave public employment prior to age 55 and have ten or more years of credited service are eligible for a vested retirement benefit at age 55. Members who leave prior to attaining ten years of credited service can terminate their membership and withdraw their contributions plus interest.

  • Loans are available to members with at least one year of service credit. Members may borrow up to 75 percent of their contributions balance. The minimum loan is $1000.00.

General Information Phone Numbers: 1 (866) 805-0990 within the Albany, New York area, call: (518) 474-7736

Enrollment forms may be picked up/completed in human resources, located on the fourth floor of the Allen Administration building

Last Updated 8/15/18

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