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About Section

  • Personalize your page! You’ll want to add a ‘Profile’ section to really tell prospective members what your organizations do, and what your mission is.
  • Attach a logo or photo for your organization’s profile pic. This is important because it’s the first glimpse people have of you, and you want to catch their attention when they are searching.
  • Add your organization's website, email, meeting information
  • Here's a video walkthrough for adding a profile image:

News Section

  • Showcase your student organization's past accomplishments by adding a news article listing all of this year's events.
  • Post any articles about recent news or updates from the President or E-board
  • Make sure your news article has a picture (best bet is to use your logo).
  • Here's a video walkthrough:

Events Section

  • This is the place to submit your room reservations and table reservations through Student Union & Activities.
  • Post all of your upcoming events with pictures. While flyers are nice, it is much easier to see an event on the corkboard if it has a catchy logo or picture. Examples include: Pizza party fundraiser might have a delicious clickable link with a slice of pepperoni pizza!
  • You can post events for just your organization regarding upcoming meetings and member-only events.
  • You can post events for the entire student population, which will be showcased on the main virtual flyerboard
  • Allow students/members to RSVP if needed.
  • Here's a video walkthrough for requesting an information table:
  • Here's a video walkthrough for requesting an on-campus meeting:
  • Here's a video walkthrough for requesting an on-campus indoor event:
  • Here's a video walkthrough for requesting an on-campus outdoor event:

Roster Section

  • Customize your roster with appropriate titles for your officers/captains/leaders/committees/etc.
  • Anyone with an officer title (other than a member) will have access to update your organization's page
  • Invite new members who join your organization as needed
  • If your organization is accepting new members who request to join, make sure you check the "Prospective" tab to communicate with them and/or accept them.
  • Here's a video walkthrough:

Photo Gallery Section

  • Upload those pictures! The photo gallery is a great place to show off ALL of your hard work with events. (You can post member pictures too!)
  • Upload your past flyers in a Photo Gallery.
  • Upload a few pictures from some of your best past programs/events.
  • Here's a video walkthrough:

Documents Section

Forms Section

Manage Section

  • Header images can be made using Photoshop software (also available on The Space’s computers) or Microsoft Publisher.
  • Keep your organization's interests up to date so you are advertising to students with similar interests
  • Here's a video walkthrough for updating your cover image:

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