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Brockport / Middle States Accreditation

2014 Monitoring Report

In our June 2012, reaccreditation report the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) requested a monitoring report in 2014. The report must document further development and implementation of an assessment process that:

  1. Evaluates the institution’s overall effectiveness in achieving our mission and goals with evidence that information is used in budgeting, planning, and allocating resources (standard 7)
  2. Document assessment results that provide sufficient, convincing evidence that students are achieving key institutional and program learning outcomes, including educational offerings and general education (Standard 14).

A Monitoring Committee, initially chaired by Joel Frater and currently chaired by Janie Hinds, was established to gather the required data and prepare the Monitoring Report. The report documents improvements and revisions to our assessment processes to meet MSCHE Standards 7 and 14.  

The final report was submitted to MSCHE on February 26, 2014

Read the final Monitoring Report

2012 Reaccrediation Results

Formal notice of reaffirmation of accreditation from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

Final Report from the Evaluation Team

Formal Brockport Response to the Evaluation Team Report

The final version of the Self Study.

Online version of the Quick Guide to the Middle States Self-Study.
(Please note: This brochure was printed on oversized paper, this copy is intended for web viewing).

Middle States Co-Chairs:
Joel Frater, EdD, Assistant Provost for Diversity / 585-395-5065

Donna Kowal, PhD, Director of the College Honors Program (now Honors College),
Associate Professor of Communication Studies / 585-395-5054

Kathy Mangione, MA, Middle States Program Manager 585-395-5014

Middle States Steering Committee

Middle States Subcommittees

Learn more about the accreditation process here.


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